What is KiahCan? VoyageATl interviewed me all about it!

KiahCan is my freelance production company that I recently started due to so many people asking me to produce their project.

VoyageATL interviewed me recently as a part of their Inspiring Stories initiative and I am so grateful. Check out the article by clicking here!

Thanks VoyageATL for the interview!

Thanks VoyageATL for the interview!

Putting out 110% every time I audition only to never hear anything from a casting director or seeing someone of a different ethnicity or age book the role, gets pretty tiring and sometimes even depressing.

Here's an excerpt from my interview:

The past couple of years have been difficult as I make my way through the tv/film world. You don’t book every role that you audition for. After hearing hundreds of “No’s”, I decided to branch into the indie world and focus on creating my own content. That’s where my business came from. KiahCan is my producing company and to date, I’ve produced an entire season of a web series, a music video and working on a short film and pilot right now.

From a child actress to an adult who is now immersed in aspirations of achieving my ultimate goal- fueling my passion and my purpose, I am committed to creating and producing content that goes further than just seeing myself on screen; I want to create and be a part of projects that tell real, human stories for people of all backgrounds and depict society the way it should be.

 Stay tuned for more info about my journey as a producer! Can't wait to share more stories!

Kiah Clingman